zondag 19 januari 2014


Socks socks socks I LOVE socks.
'Normaly' socks are just a basic part of your outfit and you can't see them.
They are comfy and warm, but also very fashionable and funny.

I do not wear pants a lot, so I wear tights, and to finish those tights I wear over the knee socks. I wear them like... almost every day.
I don't know I just like them very much and can't really do without haha.

Here I have a couple of pics from outfits where I wear those socks.

But not only (black) over the knee socks are cool. Here are a couple of other examples.

I hope I can share my obsession with you in this way. Maybe those colorful socks are a step to far but just start with showing your socks and then go furter from there on. Life is so much more fun when you have funny socks to look down to.